Dr. Manssourian is an honest professional. He is caring and intelligent. His office is clean and well organized. i drive from the San Fernando Valley to see him. I highly recommed him to every one.

--By MMP, Yahoo user, 7/30/2009

This is a very professional and clean dental office. The dentist is honest and only does work that's needed. I would recommed him to my family and friends.

--By Kenneth, Yahoo user, 6/29/2008

Armen has been a close friend for many years. He is on of the most caring, honest, diligent and responsible people I have had pleasure to meet. Professionally I must say that he has amazed me. My cousin has had a lot of problems with his teeth that were not only resolved but even worsened by many other dentists including a well respected UCLA professor. It only took Armen three visits and my cousin has been symptom free and extremely happy. I recommend Armen's services without hesitation.” June 3, 2010

--By Claude Movsessian D.C. (Chiropractor)


I went in for my regular teeth cleaning and he had been watching a filling for me. He decided to go ahead and take care of the filling for me.
Member Comments:
Once I started going to him I would never ever go to another dentist. He's very gentle and I used to be afraid of the dentist. He's really caring and makes sure you're not in any discomfort. If you have to go to a dentist I would recommend him. Most of the ladies I worked with went to him too and they would take their kids as well. You never have to wait in his office. If you have to wait 5 minutes you've waited too long. The dental hygienists are great too! Mine is very thorough and I like her a lot.
November 2, 2011
Diane Soto (Angie's list user)

To start off, I LOVED my experience with this dentist--however--I don't really like dealing with Dr. Manssourian's staff/office. They are very polite and professional, BUT they won't talk about pricing over the phone. I understand where they are coming from, as every mouth/case is different, but a RANGE or starting price for any of their services would have been helpful.

However, I'm not reviewing his staff/how his office is run, I am reviewing the service, which is excellent. I have been to this dentist many times for cleanings, protective sealants, and extractions, all of which have been great.

During my extraction process, he seemed a little overworked, as he was going back and forth between myself and another patient during my appointment (maybe an emergency case, overbooking, a bad day? I don't know), but I am willing to wait for good service, which is what I received. This dentist is kind, gentle, and understanding, even when you are crying, moaning, and complaining over the fact that he is doing EXACTLY what you asked for/paid him to do to your mouth, lol.

He listens to his patients, works with precision and care, and he always smells really good, which is an added bonus (you might not think this is important, but the guy is working a few inches from your face, c'mon). Despite his staff's phobia of not talking about money until you're sitting in the dental chair, the prices for his services are actually really fair and affordable.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone in this area looking for an honest dentist with reasonable prices who isn't going to give you the run-around. This guy really knows what he is doing, and that comes from his many years of experience and willingness to listen.

Kat Z. (yelp user)


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